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Beenie Man Begs D’Angel To Get Off Onlyfans For The Sake of Their Son

Dancehall artiste Beenie is reminding his baby mama D’Angel about their son, while on her Onlyfans spree.

While the deejay can’t tell her how to make her decisions, he is reminding D’Angel about their teen son, Marco Dean, before continuing her actions on Onlyfans.

In a recent interview, Beenie Man was asked how he felt about D’Angel, the mother of his son, having an OnlyFans account, and being in the press because of her semi-nude photos.


“I can’t tell her fi think bout har yute. She supposed to do that as a mother,” Beenie Man said in the recent interview on the ‘Teach Dem’ YouTube channel.

“If him (Marco Dean) did still a go Ardenne, mi know him would have a problem cause dem yute deh cruel.”— Beenie Man

He said that he spoke to D’Angel about the decision to post content on the adult-oriented subscription-only platform, and she insisted that she had to do it.

“She never haffi do dat, but she did,” Beenie Man said.

When asked if he isn’t worried that Marco Dean would be teased by his classmates, Beenie Man said: “Marco Dean go Hillel High.”

According to the entertainer, the ‘uptown’ kids will not harass the youngster based on the culture of the school.

“If him did still a go Ardenne, mi know him would have a problem cause dem yute deh cruel,” he said.

“Dem school deh (Hillel) different. Marco Dean is in a safe environment when it comes to school. Nuh think bout di yute dem cause dem yute deh will protect him more than him mother.”

Just recently D’Angel went Porche shopping and made a big deal out of it while crediting her fortune to the popular social website.


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