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shenseea says ugly men

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Shenseea says Ugly Men with a Cute Personality is Ideal

Shenseea says ugly men with a Cute Personality is the Ideal boyfriend for her.

The Dancehall artiste says most of the men she’s dated wouldn’t be considered attractive by many.

Shenseea is currently one of the top acts of the genre, and any man looking to lock her down has to come good. That’s the word from the Sure Sure artiste who says she’s not looking for a relationship but gave potential partners her wish list should they wish to pursue her.

   “I don’t care about looks, I don’t care about what you have…if you talk to my friends dem, dem will tell you say a pay ugly man mi talk to.” – Shenseea

“The first thing, you have to be honest. Mi just can’t deal with the lies. Mi know say people will claim say they made a mistake by cheating but you see once you lie, that’s just it…,” she told radio personality Frankie Rob of 107FM in Chicago on Instagram Live.

She continued, “I have to be able to trust you to even get in something with you. Once there’s no trust we can’t even communicate.

“We have to learn how to be honest, if you can’t be honest, we can’t even communicate and mi can’t even trust you. That’s just the top tier for me.”

Shenseea also said that physical appearance are secondary to her as she’s been known to date men who are not considered conventionally attractive. “I don’t care about looks, I don’t care about what you have…if you talk to my friends dem, dem will tell you say a pay ugly man mi talk to. That’s what they say,” she said while laughing.


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