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Vybz Kartel Extorting-Popcaan-3-Million-Every-Month

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Vybz Kartel Extorting Popcaan $3 Million Every Month?!

New of Vybz Kartel extorting Popcaan every month has been spreading across social media like wildfire.


Vybz Kartel extorting Popcaan

Social media was set ablaze after news broke that Vybz Kartel has been extorting Popcaan. The shocking news was reviewed by entertainer fully bad in a new diss song aimed at Popcaan.

The rift between the two began after fully bad decided to DM popcaan, warning him to talk to a member of his gang however, the unruly boss did not take kindly to him involving him in the mix.

Feeling some type of way Fully Bad made the below post on his official Instagram.

This was later followed by a diss track. The song took aim Popcaan, making threats for the BG and also Inciting that is the DJ has to pay an extortion fee of $3 Million monthly.

Listen Fully Bad’s Diss song aimed at Popcaan below.

The song which is titled ‘Nuh Unruly’, is currently at 73,000 And is currently trending at number 14 on YouTube.

Since the release of the song there has not been a word from the unruly camp.


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