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Dancehall Queen Spice has The Steam Fish & Okra Body!

Dancehall Queen Spice is showing off her thick chocolate skin body, calling its the “Steam Fish & Okra” Body!

The ‘Rolling’ singjay took to her Instagram to flaunt her curves and show off what Jamaicans consider a  ‘Strong body’

In the picture, the Dancehall artist can be seen wearing a green, sheer crop top ‘batty rider’ denim shorts with her signature blue hair and a pair of high heel boots at a railway.

“Steam fish and okra body” Spice captioned the pic


The term, which was coined by Jamaican radio disk jock ZJ Sparks as a result of her Miss Universe 2017 commentary upon seeing Davina Bennett grace the stage, describes a person’s physique that is well built and healthy.

The phrase was also used as a mantra in Spice’s 2018 song, “Yaaas Goodie.”

Steamed fish and okra dish is lauded in Jamaican culture as the ideal meal to boost a man’s virility. Okra contains potassium, vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid, and calcium. It’s low in calories and has a high dietary fiber content.


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