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PHOTO: Ishawna Teases Fans with Raunchy IG Post

In a recent IG post, Ishawna teases her fans with a raunchy but cute photo of her self in a conspicuous position.

The ‘Equal Right‘ artiste can be seen dressed in what appears to be a black marina and underwear, with her legs open…this is definitely a tease, we can only imagine what her Onlyfans account promotes.

Ishawna Onlyfans Account

Ishawna’s onlyfans account is the hot topic, the Dancehall singjay stopped by OnStage to chat with Winford Williams, revealing that she joined platform out of frustration over Instagram, where her content was often blocked, reported, or shadow-banned.

Ishawna said that OnlyFans is the online spot where she can be her “raunchy Dancehall self” and engage with her fans without restrictions or having to worry about being reported or flagged.

“I know OnlyFans has a big stigma… but I have made millions. I am a multi-millionaire again from OnlyFans, and I did that without having to be doing anything out of the norm,” The “Equal Rights” singer explained.

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